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Mediterranean Room

This cosy room has the feel of the sunny Mediterranean. You can relax in the deep luxurious bath and maybe indulge, just a little by sipping some of the local Mount Tamborine wine while you unwind and spoil yourself. There is a huge deck to enjoy the sun and watch the amazing bird life in the magnificient tall gum trees.
This room was inspired by our trip to the Greek Islands some years ago. The colours are bright and clear, reflecting the colour of the sea, the buildings and beaches in and around the Islands. The pictures on the walls are from Lindos and Symi, just look at the colours!

  • “Awesome Stay”

    5 Star TripAdvisor Review
    The rooms each have their own highlights and we were pleased with our Mediterranean themed room which comes with a huge viewing deck facing partial forest and the mountains. We also enjoyed listening to the natural sounds surrounding our room; frog croaking, birds chirping, rustling of the trees in the breeze. It's like an natural orchestra out there.

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